Moonlight Seduction | Book Review


by: Jennifer Armentrout

#2 in the de Vincent series | 400 Pages | Pub. 2018

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Moonlight Seduction at a Glance:

  • Overall Rating: ★★★★
  • Heroine: Queen of the one-liners
  • Dude: He flip-flops worse than a politician
  • Steaminess: The kind of feast I want to be invited to 😉
  • Justice: These brothers take vigilantism to a whole new level  


Pairs Well With:

The Hurricane

  • 2 ounces dark Jamaican rum
  • 1 ounce fresh lemon juice
  • 1 ounce passion fruit syrup

Beware, spoilers are coming…

Teagan Review

I loved Moonlight Sins for the gothic trainwreck of wonderfulness that it was but I am glad that this book was a little bit less dramatic…and by dramatic I mean less incest-y. I won’t go into how much I enjoy the writing style and setting because I’ve fangirled over Armentrout in my Moonlight Sins review but I will say, Armentrout never does me wrong.

I get that Nikki isn’t perfect but the real person that made me rage in this book was Gabe. This dude repeatedly treated Nikki like crap and “the help” and it infuriated me. Who takes a girl to a roof, gets steamy, then forces a practically naked girl into an elevator just so you aren’t embarrassed? Asshats, that’s who. Nikki’s “Operation Avoid Him at All Costs” was absolutely necessary – I might even change that to “Operation Smack Him at All Costs” but whatever. Plus, liars by omission are not my favorites.

Despite their rocky past and total frenemies experience in this book I did, reluctantly, end up shipping Nikki and Gabe towards the end of the novel. I think they are two people that have both made mistakes but ground each other and balance out each other’s crazy.  Nikki doesn’t let Gabe be a privileged snob and Gabe brings the girl endless smoothies . Plus, their steam was on point.

I’m simultaneously scared and excited for Devlin’s novel. But TBH I would NOT be surprised if this man turned out to be a serial killer. Yeah, I appreciated that we saw a bit of humanity peeking out of him in Moonlight Seduction but still, dude’s batshit cray.

The only reason I was able to forgive Gabe for his asshatery was because he was not the King of the Asshats in this novel. Nope that goes to our resident crazy siblings, Parker and Sabrina. I like myself a lot, but like, who the heck gives their “fiance” a giant naked portrait of themselves? Ego check, please. Plus, this girl needs to be institutionalized and imprisoned, stat. Girl’s INSANE. And Parker deserved a worse death than impaled by a wood carving tool, TBH. These siblings are why I’m frightened to have children.

Jess Review

I had a really rough beginning for this one and almost didn’t finish. Armentrout blurred the rape lines a little too far here. I was incredibly uncomfortable and hated all of the characters for the first 30% of the book. But I LOVED Moonlight Sins. That was the most glorious trainwreck and I adored every minute of it. So I continued on this windy road and it did get better. In fact, I even liked it at the end.

But just like Nikki said:

“it had to be the most drama-llama-est thing possible.”

When Nikki was 18 she had a crush on Gabe and he also thought she was a hot tamale, but he is 10 years older. Well Nikki goes to him while he is wasted-faced and lets him take her virginity.

I had HUGE issues with this. 1. She is 18 and knows better than to go after a drunk guy! 2. How drunk was he that his downstairs was still on autopilot?

At first he blames her entirely acting like she raped him, but then HE WAFFLES. Now he says he knew it was her and just didn’t care. So let’s be friends. And if I have learned anything about the de Vincent’s it’s that let’s be friends means let me bang you and leave you to deal with my family drama.

Gabe is not worth it. He is flakey and can’t make up his mind to save his life. He doesn’t take the threats to Nikki seriously until she is hospitalized. I love man buns, but no amount of man bun is going to make me like him.. With all of the bullshit he was spouting at her, I really wanted Nikki to throw that cumin on him and go full salt bae. “You’re done.”

Nikki…If I throw out her poor decisions as an 18yr old then I actually liked Nikki. She is funny and has a good heart. It’s pretty obvious that she never got over Gabe, and with the way it went down that is not surprising. She holds her own among the de Vincent’s and that is a hell of a feat.

Teagan covered most of the drama with crazy AF Sabrina and Parker. We definitely need Devlin to “take care” of them mob style.

I am super excited for Devlin’s book, but only if Rosie is his love interest. I ship those two harder than Nikki and Gabe. She pulled the nonya business on him and I really want his office decorated in hanging strings of beads. And PLEASE do a ghost hunters on his house. I think we all deserve the hilarity of that book. I just can’t believe we don’t get it until 2019!

Have you read Moonlight Seduction? Let us know what you thought in the comments!

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