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Hello book friends!

We’re back with another book tag. This week we are doing the “Read, Rewrite, Burn” book tag which we’ve seen on multiple blogs lately. We don’t know the origins of the tag but whoever created it is genius because it’s basically a more appropriate version of F*ck, Marry, Kill!  

The Rules

  • Randomly choose 3 books
  • For each group, decide which book to burn, which one to rewrite, and which to reread
  • Repeat until you’ve completed six rounds (or however many rounds you want to do)

Round One


  • Read: To Kill a Kingdom
  • Rewrite: Everless
  • Burn: Twilight

Phew, this one was easy. Lira and Elian are perfect, but Everless had some room to grow and we all know Twilight is garbage (sorry teenage Teagan’s poor heart).

Round Two


  • Read: Empire of Storms
  • Rewrite: Lord of the Fading Lands
  • Burn: Song Rising

Despite Maeve we love EOS. Between Manon, Aelin and Rowan we are reduced to a puddle of fangirl mush. But Fading Lands needed more plot/less devotion, and Song Rising just went up in flames for us.

Round Three


  • Read: The Selection
  • Rewrite: Queen’s Rising
  • Burn: The Oddling Prince

Argh, this one was hard. But let’s just appreciate The Selection for what it was, a quick and enjoyable young adult dystopia – it’s not a masterpiece but it gets the job done. Queen’s Rising was good and would definitely benefit from a re-write and maybe less daddy drama. The Oddling Prince was too much for us to handle.

Round Four


  • Read: Rhapsodic
  • Rewrite: A Court of Wings and Ruin
  • Burn: Heart of Mist

This one could’ve gone a couple ways. Because A Court of Wings and Ruin was trash and needs to be burned but Heart of Mist was a hot mess and needs to be voted off the island more. But clearly Rhapsodic and Desmond (insert Teagan swooning here) are here to stay.

Round Five


  • Read: Furyborn
  • Rewrite: Midnight Blue
  • Burn: Rebel Heir

This isn’t even a competition. Furyborn is one of our favorite reads of 2018. Both Midnight Blue and Rebel Heir were ridiculous, but at least we both finished Midnight Blue. The misogyny, baby daddy drama, and lack of sexual education were just too much to save Rebel Heir.

Round Six


  • Read: The Bird and The Sword
  • Rewrite: Uprooted
  • Burn: Fate of the Tearling

The Bird and the Sword and Uprooted are amazing fantasies. We need more fantasy from Amy Harmon pronto. We hate when the third installment of a series goes bad, but The Fate of the Tearling wasn’t just bad. It was pure chaotic train wreck. We still aren’t sure what happened there actually.

This tag was so much fun! We’re not tagging specific people this week but if you liked the tag do it and ping us so we can see your answers!

What do you think of our choices? Would you make the same ones?


15 thoughts on “Read, Rewrite, Burn | Book Tag

  1. This was amazing!! Teen Teagan and teen Loretta definitely would have been bffs because it sounds like we were both trash for that series. The world is better off burning that thing. Lol. And I’m LITERALLY in the middle of reading ACOWAR and haven’t had any problems with it yet. The fact that you’re calling it trash is greatly concerning. NOW I’M STRESSED. 😩😩😂

    Liked by 1 person

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