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Greetings, book friends!

Today we’re doing the “Rip It or Ship It” book tag that we found on Kelly’s Coffee, Stars, Books blog. We cracked up so hard at her commentary and decided we just had to do this tag! If you haven’t already, check out Kelly’s blog – she’s hilarious!

The Rules

The rules of the game are simple. We’re going to put a lot of fictional characters’ names into a cup and draw them out two at a time. Once we have a pairing, we’ll tell you if we RIP it or if we ship it. There’s going to be names from a variety of young adult, fantasy and paranormal novels and series, so we’re hoping that there’s some amusing pairings!

The Pairings

Rhys from a Court of Thorns and Roses & Griffin from Kingmaker Chronicles

Guys, if you ever wondered who our dream couple was you just found it. We literally swoon about these two on a daily freaking basis. This pairing is even more perfect as Griffin would be impervious to Rhys’ magic and they could just prank each other. All. Night. Long. I mean who wouldn’t want to see Griffin tie Rhys up with his magical rope after Rhys makes him write “Rhys is an attractive lord” over and over again?

Verdict: Ship it

Maven from Red Queen & Valentine from The Mortal Instruments

We can’t in good faith approve of this relationship. They have both tried to take over the world separately and almost accomplished it so we cannot support this for the good of mankind. Maven’s fire + Valentine’s zombie shadowhunter army gives us nightmares. These two need some serious therapy and ego checks before they go anywhere near a relationship.

Verdict: Rip it

Tamlin from A Court of Thorns and Roses & Pestilence from Pestilence

Alright y’all don’t @ us but if you’ve followed us at all, you know that we are firmly anti-Tamlin. So, we kind of love this pairing mostly so Tamlin can die an excruciatingly painful and slow death by plague. And Pestilence, like us, wouldn’t feel any remorse after, so, we’re down for this one.

Verdict: Ship it

Aelin from Throne of Glass and Lira from To Kill a Kingdom

This pairing would be hilarious, I mean the banter and swagger alone would have us cackling, but we kind of fear for the safety of the world should these two pair up. The ego in this relationship would be the size of Texas and should this relationship go up in flames… Aelin would totes win but you better believe Lira will get her revenge and bring us all down with her. The epitome of fire vs. water.

Verdict: Rip it

Umbridge from Harry Potter & Manon from Throne of Glass

Wow, I didn’t know I needed this meet-up to happen but I really do. Mainly, because I hope Abraxos eats Umbridge. Yeah, getting trampled by centaurs was great but getting eaten by a wyvern takes the cake as a fitting end to this little evil troll. Also, who doesn’t want to see Manon lose her shit as she has to clean out Umbridge’s pink and cat filled office? #Dead

Verdict: Ship it

Jovan from The Tainted Accords and Rowan from Throne of Glass

Rowan might be the only person who could put Jovan in his place. No more stomping through castles, bulldozing through doors, when you’ve got a master of air magic in the house barricading the doors with just a thought. They both have fabulous hair, and Jovan already has a few castles and land. Rowan can build snowmen out front and Jovan can destroy them by stomping around.

Verdict: Ship it

Amren from A Court of Thorns and Roses and Elian from To Kill a Kingdom

THIS, guys. This relationship would be hilarious to watch. Grab some popcorn because watching Elian steal Amren’s treasures and Amren going all firedrake on his ass to get them back is Oscar worthy in our opinion.

Verdict: Ship it

The End

This was the most fun we’ve had with a tag yet, so if you feel so inclined to take on this tag do it and tag us so we can see your answers!

What do y’all think of these pairings? Would you rip them or ship them? Let us know in the comments!


16 thoughts on “Rip It or Ship It | Book Tag

  1. LMFAO TAMLIN AND PESTILENCE 😂😂😂 Oh my god, I’m DYINGGGG. Can you imagine those two together?? Tambitch would be running around angry-complaining about stuff and turning into a wolf while Pestilence would follow him around in constant confusion until he just eventually just killed him. Their relationship would last about three hours and it would be glorious.

    Also Maven and Valentine??? Good god, I’ve only read Red Queen but that’s a terrifying combo. Lol. Now I think I have to do this tag just to see what happens!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m still dying at Tambitch. It’ll never get old. I’ve told everyone one of my ACOTAR friends to start using it as well. (I’ve cited you as my source, don’t worry!!)

    And omg I know I would love to see Tambitch and Pestilence actually play out. I need someone to write this fan fiction!!

    Yes, do this tag because I cannot wait for your commentary!!!!!!


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