Unearthly (Unearthly # 1)| Book Review


By: Cynthia Hand

#1 in the Unearthly series |421 Pages | Pub. 2011

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Unearthly At a Glance

  • Overall Rating: ★★★ 
  • Dude:  He’s just not that into you
  • Heroine: Her voice is literally bear spray
  • Angst: Felicity Season 1

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Beware. Spoilers are coming…

Teagan’s Reactions 

There was nothing precisely wrong with this book I it just was not the right book for me. It’s well-written and the plot was interesting enough… But the characters are high schoolers so it’s naturally full of teenage angst. So much angst in fact, I felt like I was back in high school. *shivers* So, while I won’t continue on with this series I am glad it helped me realize that high school themed books just aren’t for me anymore.

My biggest problem with the book is that the whole book centers Clara finding and achieving her “purpose” as an angel-blood…but by the end when she achieves her purpose it meant…nothing? I just didn’t get it. Hand made such a big deal about this “purpose” with pretty much every chapter focusing on the visions and interpreting them and then suddenly it happened and nothing mattered. It didn’t feel like a cliffhanger so much as a confusing-hanger.

“I have very attractive knees, or so I’m told.”

Clara  wasn’t my favorite heroine and she confused me with comments such as focusing on the attractiveness of her knees? I also had a hard time taking Clara seriously after she dyed her hair orange. And while I like orange and respect people that dye their hair that color, to me it was just ridiculous and I just envisioned her as a walking carrot the whole time. Also, I could not with the fact that Hand thinks someone can casually drive to Jenny Lake @ Grand Teton National Park in the afternoon and magically get a parking spot. That’s the biggest LOL of my life.

“Clara, if I don’t tell you everything, it’s for your own protection.”

I’m also quite disappointed in Clara’s mother, Maggie. She started off with such great promise as she seemed like the rare parental figure that is open with her children and tells them about their angelic heritage. But JK. That’s pretty much all she tells them and then spends the rest of the novel engaging in the art of crypticness. I’m so annoyed and it’s not even real life.

Finally, I could barely finish the book after the whole Prom scene when our supposed “hero” and “purpose in life,” Christian, pulls this shit on Clara his prom date:

“So I was thinking, says Christian, red in the face now, ‘that I should take Kay home.’ I stare at him, stunned. ‘I’ll come right back and get you,’ he says quickly. ‘I thought I’d get her home safe and then I’d come and take you home.”

Excuse me, you peasant?!?! I thought my prom date was a douchebag but this guy takes the cake. Let me just stand here in the parking lot while you take your ex home. Nope. You, sir, suck.

Jess’s Reactions

I feel like I just went through high school all over again. At no point did I need the angst and naivety that I was just put through. To be fair, if I were 16 or even 18, I would have adored this book. It was fairly well written, but incredibly frustrating to read as an adult.

Real life, the whole Prom thing happened to me. Except it was the bowling alley and instead of crying, she was sitting on his lap. I didn’t have a hot blonde guy to take me home either. Without this book, I never would have been forced to relive my seventeen year old self’s heartbreak. So thanks for that. On the bright side, the guy who left me was fired for credit card fraud a month later so to bitches like Christian, karma will find you.

I’m with Teagan on just being over the whole “parents not telling their children vital information” plot line. STOP THIS. We are over it.

Moving on. I had to repeat to myself that these are high schoolers constantly. And not even regular high schoolers. These kids are spoiled and haven’t had any hardship in their lives at all from what I read. And shame on Clara’s mom for not helping her to read social cues. Second post in a row that I am recommending the heroine read He’s Just Not that Into You. If he doesn’t ask you out or talk to you and then abandons you at prom, let him go. I can guarantee that your divine purpose isn’t to make the hot boy like you. This is not She’s All That. He didn’t even bring the corsage in from the car for pictures… Idiot.

“Love is an enchantress – devious and wild. It sneaks up behind you, soft and gentle and quiet, just before it slits your throat.”

I actually felt bad for Christian up until the prom thing because Clara was insane girl stalking him. She pulls a Felicity and moves to Wyoming just to potentially save a stranger’s life. Cool, but it’s pretty obvious when carrot top is stalking you. Also, as a ginger, I was offended by the orange hair thing.

Tucker though, he was adorable and frankly Clara didn’t deserve him.

Also super worried about the horse…

Let us know what you thought of Unearthly in the comments! 

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9 thoughts on “Unearthly (Unearthly # 1)| Book Review

  1. Great review ladies! I remember reading this back high school and I really liked it. It’s one of those books that I won’t pick back up now because I don’t want to change my feelings on it. Does that make sense? lol
    But Tucker was adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t remember much about this book but I read it before. I didn’t like it all that much either especially in the romance dept. 😬

    Liked by 1 person

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