Air Awakens (Medieval Online Dating Gone Wrong) | Book Review


By: Elisa Kova

# 1 in the Air Awakens Series |330 Pages | Pub. 2015

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Air Awakens At a Glance

  • Overall Rating: ★★★★
  • Dude: The only parrot he will be is stuffed on my wall
  • Heroine: Britney circa 2007 headshave
  • Brutality: Trampled to death @ Walmart on Black Friday
  • Steaminess: The only steam in this one was from my rage

Pairs Well With

Rabid Weasel Shot

  • 1 oz creme de menthe
  • 1 oz vodka

Beware. Spoilers are coming…

Jess’s Reactions 

It took me a while to get into this book, but when I did OMG. The emotions came in waves and for a while, I felt like I was being tumbled around in a dryer. But I loved it.

Vhalla is just a girl trying to be a librarian and read at work. I feel ya girl because that’s basically all I want to do with my life as well. The first part was bland and basically she finds out she is a sorcerer, but isn’t feeling that lifestyle. A girl just wants to read!

Well the evil prince comes along and pushes her off of a building. Yep. You read that right. He fucking PUSHES HER OFF THE CASTLE.

And he says it’s no big deal because they are bonded, preventing him from causing her real harm. And after all it’s to awaken her powers that she said she didn’t want to begin with.

She breaks 10 ribs.  Well I have 10 reasons that say that you are a fuckboy prince Aldrik.

“It’s normally a bit gentler.”

Vhalla tries to put him in his place and she decides she kinda likes this magic stuff. She does start to plot against Aldrik and the people in the tower and I love it. Don’t let them use you!!!

But of course Vhalla is barely 18 and her and the moody prince become bffs and she 100% falls in love with this tool. Library pen pals must work better than Tinder.

Sareem, her friend from childhood is in love with Vhalla obviously, but she only has eyes for the guy who tried to kill her so poor Sareem gets friendzoned pretty hard. I think Sareem deserved this one because he completely freaked and acted like a total asshole when she told him about the whole sorcery thing.

Also, I get that Roan was in love with Sareem and played this like high school, but back off of Vhalla. You don’t get to make your friend feel bad about dating two guys at once when you didn’t even call dibs in the first place. One date does not a marriage make Roan. Get it together.

I really enjoyed this book. And I hate that at the end I didn’t want to kill prince Aldrik. He should not be salvageable, but alas, I always forgive.

Teagan’s Reactions

This was a re-read for me because I insisted that Jess needed to read this series. I mean Vhalla is just about as book obsessed as we are so she needed to read it right? Plus, the series as a whole is *amazing.* I agree with Jess that the first half of this book is a bit boring, especially the second time around. It’s a lot of worldbuilding and history of sorcery and the empire. So as a history major I enjoyed it but I can see how it can be a bit dry to get through. But overall this is a great book and everyone should read this series!

“Vhalla wasn’t exactly good at relationships as she preferred to spend more times with books than people.”

Same, girl, same. I love Vhalla. I’m a librarian, she’s a librarian (in training). She likes books better than people. I like books better than people. What’s not to love?

JK, actually her naivety is a reason we should pause and give this girl some safety 101 tips cuz Vhalla got seriously catfished. Vhalla is basically engaging in medieval scholars’ version of online dating — passing notes through ancient texts. Instead of cheesy pickup lines Vhalla and her “Romeo” engage in deep philosophical conversations about magic. SWOON. Only it turns out this Romeo is actually the Prince and instead of unsolicited dick pics, Vhalla gets pushed off a roof. Never follow your date to a rooftop ladies. Bad things happen.

I have the benefit of knowing how this series ends so I know I’ll eventually love Aldrik. But in this book he’s pretty worthless. Here’s some of his “finest” quotes to demonstrate his worthlessness:

  • “Tell me Vhalla, have you ever made love to a man? Tell me have you ever pleasured yourself?”
  • “You are a pathetic little worm who only wants to sit in the dirt…”
  • “Why would I associate with common folk?”

Plus while Vhalla’s on trial after taking an arrow for him, saving his life and being severely beaten he pulls a Tamlin and just sits and does nothing to help her. Vhalla ends up defending his worthless ass. I’m not sure how I ever got over this crap. He better step up his game in the next book.

“He seems as pleasant as a rabid weasel in a bag full of vipers.”

I must have blocked out the severe brutality of this book because Vhalla’s imprisonment was rough. And its all thanks to Mr. Rabid Weasel himself, Egmun. This peasant is responsible for an 18 year old girl being falsely imprisoned and nearly beat to death. I hope Vhalla tornado winds him to death.

Let us know what you thought of Air Awakens in the comments!

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