Gentleman Nine (Privacy, Much??) | Book Review


By: Vi Keeland

252 Pages | Pub. 2018

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Gentleman Nine At a Glance…

  • Overall Rating: 
  • Dude: He is an open book
  • Heroine:  Might need to re-enroll in sex education but is still amazeballs
  • Steaminess: Mistletoe will never be the same
  • Emotional: Heart has been blended

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  • 5 oz cranberry juice
  • 2 oz black vodka
  • ½ oz orange flavored liqueur
  • ½ teaspoon lime juice

     Beware. Spoilers are coming…

Jess’s Reactions

Gentleman Nine was a pretty good romance novel if you are looking for a simple HEA palette cleanser. It wasn’t super special or terrible. Just a solid choice for a quick and easy read without much investment or turmoil.

I really liked Channing. He was such a sweetheart and boy can that man communicate! For an ex man-whore he was fantastic at telling Amber what he felt and what he wanted. Yeah, he shouldn’t have lied to her and creeped on her computer, but he was trying to be a good friend. Misguided about sex workers, but his intentions were good. I do have to take a second to say that a rando in a bar is never going to be any safer than hiring a professional. Educate yourself Channing.

But, he was killer at communication. He confesses BEFORE kissing her or having sex with her. WIN for the men. Most guys would get it in and then go through chapters of “what if I tell her.” I loved his punny sense of humor as well.

“Escargot fuck yourself Channing.”

I could have done without the whole “I need to get you out of my system” trope. Someone tell me when that has ever worked in the history of ever. Never. That’s when.

If Channing will show up and cook me weird meals in his underwear I’m gonna be okay with that. Also, he was adorable with the cat, but I’m leaving that to Teagan.

Amber was a little bland for me. She was heartbroken so I will give her a break. No one could be in a good mood after a 9 year relationship ends. I did love her and Annabelle’s dynamic. That is a solid friend you have there Amber.

“You can’t back out. You just paid a ton for a brazillian wax. You need to show that shit to someone.”

Annabelle knows what’s up.

So about 75% through the book this thing twisted on me and went from easy read to full blown emotional drama trainwreck. I was not prepared for that. It kind of felt like breaking my ankle right before the finish line and then dragging myself across. I legit thought that we were going to end up in a harem situation and I was almost okay with it. For sure my heart was broken a bit, but that story line gave us Boris the adorable old man so it’s cool.

And for the record. No woman should let herself get so stressed that they end up hospitalized. Let’s just all take a second to check ourselves and maybe say No to some stuff. K?


Teagan’s Reactions

I love Penelope Ward and the majority of her books and this book did exactly what it was suppose to for me. It was a quick, easy, but relatively enjoyable read. I think everyone needs a series of reliable authors in their backpocket – the kind that you know you can pick up anything they write and have an enjoyable time. That’s who Penelope Ward is to me. And while I didn’t connect with the characters as much in this one I still liked the book. So thanks for being classic and never hurting my soul, Ward.

This book was full of some hilarious, heartwarming and heart wrenching moments. I love the friendships, family bonds, the pets and steaminess. And who doesn’t love a parallel to Tom Cruise’s best movie moment in Risky Business. Monsters, that’s who.

And while I agree with Jess that Channing is a brilliant communicator and I appreciate a man that’s not afraid to declare his feelings or cry, but I’m concerned about his notion of privacy and tendency to completely violate Amber’s.

“I need you to understand I thought I was doing what was best for you.”

It was hard for me to love Channing when the whole novel is based around him not only breaking into Amber’s computer, sending an email on her behalf without her knowledge or consent but then catfishing her. Is this MTV? Am I being Punk’d? Cuz unless I get to meet Ashton Kutcher out of this situation it 100% does not fly with me. Instead of assuming you know what’s best for a human let’s actually consult said human, you peasant.

Not even him saving a poor kitten, adopting it and talking to it like a human could make me love him. And that’s saying something cuz y’all know I’m a sucker for cute cats.

And another violator of trusting in a woman’s ability to make decisions for themselves is Rory. Not gonna lie, I feel for the guy and understand he was going through a tough time adjusting but I literally cannot with him. How dare you break a girl’s heart because you’ve just assumed you know what’s best for her, then prance into her life six months later to fuck everything up again. Why must I live through this trope over and over again?! There’s no world in which this will be okay with me.

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