Under Different Stars (Invasion of the Kricket Snatchers) | Book Review


By: Amy Bartol

#1 in Kricket Series | 297 Pages | Pub. 2013

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Under Different Stars At a Glance

  • Overall Rating: 
  • Dude: I’d let him call me kitten
  • Heroine:  Anna Kendrick meets Buffy
  • Brutality: Thank god they can regenerate
  • World Building: I could live out my Cher Horowitz dream with an insta-mall

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Beware. Spoilers are coming…


Teagan’s Reactions

Guys. I loved this book. I’m embarrassed that this has been on my TBR for years and I’ve ignored it until now. I’ve failed myself because Under Different Stars was so enjoyable – unique and complex worldbuilding, sassy characters, romance, and rebellion. What else could you want?! I stayed up until 2 am reading the second book and that’s huge because I barely make it past 10 most nights.

“The only thing I’m feeling right now is HOMICIDAL, so watch your back.”

I loved the main character Kricket. Despite having a tragic life this girl is sassy, strong-willed and quick on her feet. Her witty comebacks and sly way she navigated both Earth and Ethar were total goals. And let’s be honest, without Kricket the “badass” soldiers in charge of “guarding” her would be dead multiple times. At no point did Kricket capitulate and let the patriarchy win – she fought and won. You also gotta respect a girl that knows how to rock pepper spray. Get it, girl.

“He was telling us that your voice will give comfort when the night becomes its blackest,’ he replies. ‘And I’ll protect that voice with my body, my mind, and my spirit….because without it I’m alone in the dark.”

Trey, Trey, Trey. I’m totally fangirling over this guy. I’m basically planning our wedding in my head, don’t worry about it. Trey is the closest love interest to Rhysand that I’ve encountered lately and I’m 100% invested in this series so I get more of this sexy soldier. He’s not afraid to admit his feelings for Kricket and straight up Rhys plots to ensure they can be together. I’m serious I’d be this guy’s consort.

But of course it’s the 21st century and the patriarchy is why we can’t have nice things. And Ethar, while rocking advanced technology, has straight up caveman patriarchal views. These asshats won’t allow women in the military and feel the need to treat women like slaves who’s patriarchal guardian can auction off them to the highest bidder, I mean suitor.

Manus, the king of Rafe and guardian to Kricket, felt like an evil incestual matchmaker straight out of Mulan. His marriage proposal to his ward had me cringing so hard. And what the heck is up with this society’s obsession with female virginity? Multiple times they check Kricket to make sure she’s intact. ABSOLUTELY NOT. And the double standard that men aren’t subject to the same unnecessary shame and embarrassment makes me sick.

Bonus: The whole book I thought of Kyon as an evil rendition of Bruce from Finding Nemo who was trying, unsuccessfully, to convince his prey that he wasn’t an evil scumbag. Also, anyone whose marriage proposal includes “I’ll teach you to obey” gets an automatic ticket to fly right off a cliff in my opinion.

Jess’s Reactions

This was a reread for me. I originally read this series two years ago, I think. I loved it and binge read it over a week, intermittently listening to the audio book on my way to work. I do not recommend the audio book.

Kricket is an adorable and feisty character that caught my attention immediately. She doesn’t put up with anything and has such an honesty about her that makes you wish you were her. She has always felt like an outsider, despite looking like a barbie, but doesn’t realize the loyalty she inspires in people. It was a breath of fresh air for her to be the heroine. Plus, homegirl is funny as hell and sarcastic to boot. She knows when to keep her mouth shut and doesn’t care at all.

“Shh…you’re interrupting me plotting my revenge.”

The way she reacts to six giant men trying to kidnap her is now my roadmap for what to do if I someone tries to kidnap me. She fights with everything in her and makes jokes while using pepper spray. My hero.

“No, this is survival, Trey. I’d love to coach you, but I charge for babysitting.”

Lord I love Kricket.

I like Trey. He is tall with tattoos and mostly not an asshole, but I take issue with a couple of things. First, he put an implant in her brain while she was knocked out. Yes, it’s a magic rosetta stone, but maybe ask before you permanently chip a girl. Then, he uses her foster kid situation as a way to tell her she doesn’t actually love him. According to him, she was deprived of love so she latched on and will get over it. Yes, he comes clean with his love, but that was a low blow. Do not ever use someone’s past trauma as a way to get them to “move on.” Overall he is a good guy and we love him, but that hurt me.

We need a bad guy and Kyon is a really good one. He is hot and evil and straightforward about his evil. The thing I liked about him, despite his murderous tendencies, is that he told Kricket the truth. He didn’t lie or keep anything from her. He didn’t pull a Trey and bullshit her about anything. I love Kyon as a bad guy. I will collect seashells with him, no problem.

Let us know what you thought of Under Different Stars in the comments!

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