Moonlight Sins (Modern day bodice ripper – literally) | Book Review


By: Jennifer Armentrout

Moonlight Sins at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: 
  • Heroine: Let your horny wings fly, girl
  • Dude: We’d order him out of a “what fantasies are made out of” catalog
  • Trainwreck: Maury meets the Kennedys
  • Steaminess:  Like Louisiana humidity in August

Pairs Well With


  • 1 oz vodka
  • 1.5 oz peach schnapps
  • 1.5 oz Southern Comfort
  • 2 oz triple sec
  • 2 ounces orange juice
  • Grenadine

     Beware. Spoilers are coming…

Teagan’s Reactions

Oh my god guys, what a ride. This is the palette cleanser my soul needed mixed with the soap opera I didn’t know I wanted. Yeah, it’s not my favorite Armentrout book but it is amazingly ridiculous and y’all need to read it.

I knew it was going to be a bumpy ride of craziness when we first meet the De Vincent brothers as they stand in the room with their father hanging from the ceiling, dead, and they nonchalantly discuss it like the rest of us mere peasants discuss the weather. And instead of worrying about dear old dad they worry about his piss ruining the rug. Naturally! I kind of want to sign each of these brothers up for therapy cuz they insane.


“Amazing? The best you ever had?” he suggested helpfully. “You’ll never be the same again? You saw Jesus didn’t you?”

I might lose my feminist card here a bit but I love love love Lucian. Yeah, he’s a player, conceited and if he turned out to be a serial killer i’d be like “yeah, that makes sense” but he’s honest and not a dick about it. He’s dark and twisty but knows it and is real about it.

“I like all my fucked-up shards and pieces. They make me who I am. They make me real.”

Yaasss queen. It’s okay to be messed up and he recognizes it and works it. If he has tattoos too, then I’m booking the next flight to New Orleans and marrying him.

“I like that about you.” – Lucian

“My life is now complete.” Julia

I love Julia, as well. Girl doesn’t put up with anyone’s nonsense and constantly puts Lucian in his place. And she doesn’t let mean girl bitches like Sabrina bully her either. I literally choked when Julia sucked sugar off her shirt and told Sabrina off.


“But it’s time for you to spread your horny wings and fly free, baby.”

And any girl who picks Anna as a friend really knows whats up. We all need an Anna in our lives.

This is the kind of book where you think it can’t get any crazier but it DOES. It 100% does. First, we get some brother threesomes, then cousin incest and schemes, then some straight up Maury “you’re NOT the father” shit, and we wrap it all up with multiple deaths and cover ups. I LOVED IT.

Finally, wtf is up with the creepy Senator uncle? This dude is shadier than Trump! Women who work for him disappear and everyone is chill about it?! Someone needs to sic John Oliver on him stat.

Jess’s Reactions

So Armentrout almost lost me at the beginning and I was really wondering if there was even a remote possibility of me liking this book. Primarily because of this gem.

“…get him so hard he could drill his dick into a wall.”

Yep, we really started off with a bang here. Just not a literal one. This was followed by a body hanging from the ceiling and NO ONE CARES. Anyway, I continued because at least it was ridiculous, and I ended up LOVING this book. It’s absurd, but I loved Lucian and Julia. They are amazeballs.

Julia is actually one of the best leads I have witnessed in a romance book. Skull underwear, I mean now I need some. She is a goddess for leaving her POS ex-husband. I am not cool with the emotional abuse. It is still abuse. When she finally answered Adam’s call and told him to fuck off I was jumping up and down.

This girl doesn’t take crap from anyone despite how timid she is. Obviously she overcomes that when she gets the man who makes a scene wherever he goes. They are actually a pretty amazing fit. The scene where she took the bottle away from Lucien just melted my heart.

“Give me the bottle, okay? Just for a little bit.”

“But I like the bottle.”

“I’ll take good care of it.”


“I promise.”

#dead. My heart is melted.

Lucien was pretty fantastic as well. He pulled a serious dick move by lying to her about who he was and then taking her home! Not a fan of macho “Just listen to me woman, I am man” crap. He did redeem himself to me. Reading Harry Potter to your bedridden sister. Yep, I get why Julia went after that. The guy is hot and just the right amount of cocky. The moment I fell for him was when he said he liked how he is. (See Teagan’s quote^)


Yes Lucien. If it comes with you, then yes sir I can handle the truth. I am willing to be thrown up against that wall. I will also listen to Godsmack and watch you run because LBH i’m not running anywhere.

As adorable as Julia and Lucien were, it didn’t keep this from just being a catastrophe. But in the best way. The crazy in this family is at an entirely new level and I loved it. No one knows drama or payoffs like the de Vincents. I can’t wait for Gabe’s book to come out!

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