Rebel’s Blade (Rats Are Heroes, Too) | Book Review


By: Kay Frost

Rebel’s Blade at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: 
  • Dude: The real hero in this novel is the rat that bites Tehl
  • Heroine: The exact opposite of Unbreakable Kimie Schmidt
  • Steaminess: Unless we are talking about the “boiling sea” it’s an ice bath
  • Brutality: Ramsay Bolton would cringe at this one

Pairs Well With


  • Because tequila is the only way you are getting through this one.

     Beware. Spoilers are coming…

Jess’s Reactions

Have I ever mentioned how much I love books that begin with a flashback? No? Oh yeah, that’s because I’m not a fan of having NO IDEA what is happening.

I chose this book to review because I saw quotes like “If you like Throne of Glass” I just failed to see the parts where they finished with ”…you will think this is a disjointed mess.”

TBH there were some gems in this thing: “Boiling sea.” Is the sea actually boiling or is it hot? I have no idea what is going on.

Tehl, you started out with promise, all broody and mysterious.

“Sometimes his son made rocks seem downright chatty.”

I hated him, but not for the reasons that I should. He is a anti-feminist piece of shit, or at least they lead you to believe that. But I really hate him for being a tiny baby-bitch who is scared of rats! He screws up every mission because of rats. It’s ridiculous. I don’t want you running the checkout at Burger King, much less a country.

For guys who preach inwardly about how women are equal and they aren’t really misogynists, Tehl and Sam sure as hell have some convincing lines.

“Women – always more emotional creatures. You can’t even beat it out of them.”

King Mark gave me so many feels. He is so sad and sweet and I just love him. He is the best character in this entire thing and he broke my heart mourning over his wife. Tehl clearly has no feelings and is doing a shit job of running the kingdom and just blaming his dad for his own shortcomings.

Gavriel and Mira were the perfect supporting characters. They are funny and sweet and basically the only people worth reading about. Anyone else shipping Gavriel and Mira??? Also, Gavriel having those purple eyes doesn’t seem suspicious to anyone? Seriously? No one questions the fact that a couple of people have purple eyeballs! Whatever.

Sage my dearest. I feel for Sage because no one deserves to be treated the way that she was. She has every right to be that defensive after being left alone without food or water and then bled out and almost raped. I would GTFO of there quickly too. But just for a second, let’s think about why she is in this place to begin with. This whole joining the rebellion thing. Firstly, girl is clueless if she thinks that Rafe sees her as a friend. Secondly, you meet a strange hot guy in a field and then blindly follow him into a rebellion? This is how cults start.

I did get halfway through the second book and put it down when I realized that this is a 6 book series and I’m not convinced they will all get written. I refuse to be left hanging like that.

Teagan’s Reactions

Guys, I really did start out hopeful on this one. I mean, the abstract sounded good, reviews were pretty good, it should’ve been a good experience, right? Wrong. Reading this book was like watching Kristen Stewart try to act, which is to say that it was painful. I had to force myself to turn the page and I fell asleep multiple times.

Tehl, the supposed hero and love interest, was as Minerva McGonagall would say, a bumbling buffoon. I don’t think threatening to rape a girl is ever okay, even if you don’t mean it. If you’re go to intimidation method is threatening to assault a girl, you are a cowardly asshat and should go walk off a cliff, pls. This guy is a caveman with zero social skills. I mean he was raised as a prince, how does he not know how to act or be kind? He’s even mean to his poor, sweet, ill father. L-O-S-E-R.


The best scene in this entire book and the only reason I gave it two stars is that Tehl gets bitten by a rat. That rat is a national hero. Let’s give him a medal.

I agree with Jess that we should feel bad for Sage because of the whole torture thing. But honestly she was pretty boring. She started off with such promise as a badass blacksmith and fighter and then she just fell flat the rest of the book, yeah torture will knock the sass out of you, but she just made me sad and bored the whole book.

I ended up finishing this book in a rage at the rebels. They are supposedly the good guys out to save the kingdom from the big bad…but they have a sadistic bastard in their ranks and no one cares that he tortures Sage, a fellow rebel? And you can tell Sage is all lovey eyes over Rafe who doesn’t give a crap that she nearly died for his cause?! Nope these rebels have zero honor.

Anyone else just going wtf is going on with the Scythian plot line? I know its a series and a long game but I felt like this book had no point and I couldn’t follow along to save my life. Leave me some bread crumbs, Frost.

Let us know what you thought of Rebel Heart in the comments! 

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2 thoughts on “Rebel’s Blade (Rats Are Heroes, Too) | Book Review

  1. Wow – just strange piece of writing. Didn’t read much fantasy recently but it sounds like some kind a soapopera rather then some culturaly based restatings of mind manoeuvres among the human relations. That’s my opinion but everyone has different tastes. It might also be the matter of an auditory. I would give this writing a teen category somehow – but it’s good- teens got to be in a good/funny moods to retrain their brain’s tension after school ;D


  2. Just yeah – like there are quests were dragons are good to be used – also rats can have their functions. Where the monkey can’t it’ll send a rat 🙂 (my friend is btw a Chinese rat in his Zodiac – imagining the army of such a rats I would be running faster then shitting my panties ;D And about differences between man’s and women’s emotional psychic structures – yes and it always be a quite a fields to explore – no boredom till the sexdolls /: I And thus comes the questions…


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