Heir of Fire | Book Review


By: Sarah J. Maas

Heir of Fire at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: 
  • Heroine: Emo status 100%
  • Dude: We’ll be Rowan’s Fireheart any day
  • Brutal: Reliving all of your failures is pretty brutal
  • Evil: They need more than a collar

Pairs Well With


  • 1 ounce Midori (or Any Melon Liqueur)
  • 0.5 ounce Watermelon Vodka
  • 1 ounce Vodka
  • 0.25 ounce Bacardi 151

     Beware. Spoilers are coming…

Our Review

We were so excited to reread this because we FINALLY get our favorite “buzzard”, Rowan. That being said this read is always a little rough because Slayena takes dark and twisty to a whole new level. Getting to meet Rowan, Manon and Aedion is worth it, but did we really need the brutal flashbacks to how little Aelin’s life went up in flames?! 

By the end we were cheering on Aelin, buying ourselves “I ❤ Rowan” t-shirts and plotting ways to end The King and Maeve. Also, we want to be witches and drinking buddies with Manon.

 Things we Like:

Aelin/Celaena – We love Aelin, even when she’s deep in the dark and twisty. Yeah, she gets drunk on roofs and is more depressed than Harry in The Order of the Phoenix….  But the lady’s had a tough life okay? It’s impossible to be bright and shiny all the time. Aelin is realistic and we appreciate how she bounces back and kicks some serious valg ass. Not gonna lie the scene where her family and Marion come and tell her to get up and forgive herself had us tearing up like the Forbidden Forest death scene in The Deathly Hallows. And I was literally cheering for her like a sports fan as she took on Maeve and freed Rowan. Not to mention, she truly feels for the people she deems hers. After the slave encampments were wiped out she had the entire thing tattooed over her entire back! QUEEN.

Rowan – If anyone can compete for Rhys’ hold on our hearts, it’s Rowan Whitethorn, our favorite buzzard. Yes, he is a total douchebag in the beginning. He legit punches her right in the face and makes fun of her for “soiling” herself. But, without his tough love Aelin would be drunk on a rooftop still. Rowan has zero judgement for the murders of grave and Archer, fully supporting her revenge plots. (Yeah Chaol, he is better than you) He thinks she makes life worth living again. We just can’t read that and not love him. And he pledges an unbreakable vow to her. Claim me to whatever end, Rowan, please!

Aedion – Aelin and Aedion are basically twins which is pretty amazing. Aedion is just as much of a scheme-y, arrogant badass as Aelin. For a second we almost hoped she would run home and marry him, but then it felt kind of wrong. He has enough swagger to make up for Aelin’s absence, while constantly making fun of Chaol. And if you don’t “awwwww” at how much Aedion loves and misses Aelin then you are a monster. And you gotta love Aedion when he trips Dorian and causes him to get beat up by a rosebush. #Dead

Manon & Abraxos – This girl is a boss ass bitch. She’s brutal but she’s got a soft side and fights to save Abraxos (heart eyes) even though he’s a runt and considered “meat” by everyone else. Manon may be the most lethal of the witches because she recognizes that intelligence is a greater asset than size. The dynamic between Manon and Abraxos is #relationshipgoals for us. She slaughters people and then takes her dragon to sniff some wildflowers in the sun.

The Mistward Battle Scene – This battle gave me total LOTR Battle at Helmsdeep feels. It was intense and I loooved it. I feel like Maas does a good job at drawing you into a battle scene and making you feel like you are there fighting valg alongside Rowan (swoon). I could’ve done without the emotional flashbacks but Aelin slays and I love it.

Things we Dislike:

Slaughtering at Endovier and Calculla – Ouch. This hurt so hard. Words can’t express how terrible this kind of crap is. It still hurts even though we’ve read this book so many times. RIP.

The Valg – Pure creepy and disgusting. We 100% don’t have what it takes to take these things on – if reliving all terrible past experiences isn’t bad enough these things like suck the life out of you like a dementor. Or if you’re Aelin make you pee yourself. Hard no for me, guys.

Sorcha Dying & Dorian Being Enslaved – Guys, no. This hurt. Yeah I didn’t know Sorcha for long but she was good, okay?!! She deserved better. And Dorian loved her and he deserved better!!! When Dorian tells Sorcha her smile is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, I didn’t even smirk, I died out of cuteness. Dead dead Dead. Dorian is just a sweet guy trying to love someone, was it bad enough you had to enslave him and turn him into a valg’s chew toy but you had to kill Sorcha too!?!? Why?!!?

Maeve – I could tell from the get-go that I wasn’t going to like this b*tch. She’s pure evil and honestly pretty worthless.

The Skinwalkers – These things give me nightmares and when I go camping I literally am convinced they’re gonna come eat me and turn me into a human pelt. So thanks, Maas for ruining the woods for me.

Chaol – IChaol is the Matt Donovan of this story. No one likes you dude! He finally gets to date his dream girl, but when she dumps him he freaks out and blames her and magic and his best friend and pretty much everything else in the world. We know you aren’t over her, but we don’t care. He spends the whole book ripping her apart and using magic as an excuse. No. We hate you.

Favorite Quotes:

“I’ve known a few brooding warrior-types in my day, but I think you might be the broodiest of them all.” – Aelin

“Maybe we could find the way back together.” – Rowan

“Then I’ll build one  myself from the bones of our enemies.” – Aedion

“Why should I waste flattery on a child who’s already in love with herself?” – Rowan

“She was not becoming anything different from what she always was and always had the capacity to be. You cannot pick and choose which parts of her to love.” – Dorian

“At least if you’re going to hell, then we’ll be there together.” – Rowan

“From now until the Darkness cleaves us apart, you are mine, and I am yours. Let’s show them why.” – Manon

“I claim you, Aelin. To whatever end.” Rowan

“Where is the wine?” – Aelin

Let us know what you thought of Heir of Fire in the comments! 

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