Sex Not Love (Is This Dude For Real?!?) | Book Review


By: Vi Keeland

Sex Not Love at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: 
  • Dude: Basically a dog in heat
  • Heroine: Queen of bath bombs
  • Steaminess: Fanning ourselves
  • Funny: Italian Moms for the win

Pairs Well With

Jack & Coke

  • 3 oz Jack Daniel’s Whiskey
  • 1 can Coca Cola

     Beware. Spoilers are coming…

Teagan’s Reactions

Vi Keeland books always require me to up my tolerance curve for cocky b*stards. Why she can’t just give me a lovable male without the extreme cockiness I’ll never understand. I mean, yeah, I always end up loving them, but for once I’d love to not have to resist the urge to punch my innocent kindle because her dude’s are too cocky for their own good.

“So men and women can’t be friends because of your need to publicly urinate?”

I almost gave up on Hunter during his whole tirade about why he has no female friends being that men don’t want to sacrifice their need to pee in public. Who says that kind of shit? Men and women can 1000% be friends without sex and you can let go of your need to be a caveman and pee in a restroom like the rest of us normal humans.

“I did the only thing I was capable of – tripping over my own feet and falling flat on my ass.”

I get that Hunter is a little dark and twisty after the death of his mom and brother but honestly him trying to ignore his possible illness is basically repeating the same mistakes his family made. Can you say idiot? And keeping it a secret from Nat and everyone he cares about? Dumb. I can’t stand secrets. I just can’t. Don’t get involved with someone like Nat who’s life was destroyed by secrets if you are going to be a freaking Secret Keeper.

Full disclosure: I would 100% marry Hunter just to live in his house. Sounds amazeballs.

I loved Nat. She’s clumsy and awkward but witty and she had me cracking up. Who hasn’t given a guy that just can’t take no for an answer a wrong number? And really it’s Hunter’s own fault the idiot fell for it twice. She’s also a kick-ass step mom. I mean how often does a teenager want their step-mom to get full custody? Rarely. Nat is a kickass mom.

What I was not cool with was how chill and nice Nat was to her sleazebag ex-husband. I get you don’t want to offend his step-daughter but he literally scammed millions out of innocent people, ruined your life and credit, and has a creepy friend “watching” you. Absolutely not. This f*cker deserves all the shit you can throw at him.

I may not be Italian but Nat’s mom is #MomGoals for me.

“‘You take the meat and put it in a metal grinder.’ She used her hands to demonstrate a crank going around…. ‘That’s what I’m gonna do to your balls if you hurt my baby again.”

I literally will only purchase a meat grinder for the purpose of scaring the crap out of my future children’s suitors.

Jess’s Reactions

This book came at a good time for me. I needed an easy-read romance and Keeland delivered me exactly that. We have Natalia, who has been screwed over pretty seriously by an ex and left with his teenage daughter to raise. She is pretty funny and sweet, so I can understand how she ends up with douchebags. She is our “everygirl” who has a night away from her child and gets drunk at a wedding then GTFO of that place real quick. Honestly, I would run far away from Hunter as well.

“Hunter Delucia. Got a name, beautiful? Or should I just call you the Adam-fucker?”

Yeah, he is a gem. I can’t wait to never speak to this guy ever again. Oh wait, he is our main guy?

Oh Hunter, this aptly named idiot. Sure, he’s hot and rich and all of those things that you must be to be the lead in a rom-com. But he also has no brains in his head. He thinks about sex and only sex for 75% of the book. Yes, he is a nice guy and he helps with basketball and treats Natalia’s step-daughter really well, but I think that this quote really sums up who Hunter is as a person.

“The only thing I heard from that explanation was nipples and sex.”

The man is like a dog in heat for 250 pages.

I actually really liked this book because it was what I needed at the time. BUT it did steal a plot line right out of House. Sorry to say Hunter, but Olivia Wilde kicked your butt at this one. Hunter’s ridiculous secret-keeping just made me angry and Natalia let him off way too easy. You selfish bastard, tell the girl. If you don’t think you can stand by your decisions because of a girl, then maybe they weren’t the best decisions to make.

Also, you CANNOT make a single mother and her child fall in love with you and abandon them “in their best interest.” No. You aren’t just messing around if you are basically coaching basketball and practically living with them. When kids are involved you just don’t do that crap.

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