Forever Violet (Forever Cheesy) | Book Review


By: Jessica Sorensen

Forever Violet at a Glance

  • Overall Rating:
  • Dude: He makes our eyes glow violet
  • Heroine: Not the brightest crayon in the box
  • Steaminess: Two words: Elation Field
  • Brutal: Puppy sacrifices

Pairs Well With

Violet Moon

  • 2 oz gin
  • 1 oz lemon juice
  • 1 oz Creme de violette
  • Garnish with a brandied cherry

     Beware. Spoilers are coming…

Teagan’s Reactions

I fully admit that this book is 100% ridiculously cheesy…but I loved every second of it. Sometimes a girl just needs a cheesy novel complete with fated soulmates, romantic “I’ll always love you” nonsense and some good ole pick-up lines.

“‘You look’ – he wets his lips nervously – ‘more beautiful than the night sky.”

Yeah, Lake isn’t the strongest female character nor the smartest, at first… I was so annoyed at her reasoning over why she simply couldn’t be this “Elora” chick because her real name is Elle not Elora. How hard is it to realize that Elle might be a nickname for Elora?? But I respect Lake for continuing to overcome the trauma of sexual assault and understanding she doesn’t have to be 100% okay or unafraid all the time. Lake has some serious character growth as she continues to overcome her brutal past and comes into her wolf powers to kick ass and I’m excited to see how she continues to grow.

Y’all can judge me for it but I am 100% in love with Jules. He is cheesy but can you blame a guy for loving his soulmate as fiercely as he does? All I can do is appreciate his pick-up lines and swoon over his declarations of love.

“I never forgot you. I thought about you every single day, even when everyone gave up hope. I couldn’t let you go. Couldn’t let you die.”

Plus, Jules has tattoos and lip piercings which is my weakness and there’s no way I can resist this wolf. And I appreciate how gentle he was and the way he slowly built his relationship with Lake. I’ll be your alterum dimidium animae, Jules.

Overall, I was only kind of intrigued by this world and the plot. Of course, there’s the stereotypical evil king who’s ruining the world in his quest for power. When are we going to learn that men just can’t be trusted with power? This is why we can’t have nice things. Because men feed adorable little wolf puppies to poison vines so they can gain immortality. And he beats his children, makes them wear poisonous rings and locks his sick wife in a dungeon? I vote we feed this loser to the poisonous vines. And, couldn’t Sorensen have come up with a better name than “Nature Energy Wolf”? Lame.

Jess’s Reactions

Teagan warned me this was cheesy. I went into it expecting cheesy. I had no idea what I was in for. We talk about some books as “palette cleansers.” Something to reset your brain after reading an intensely brutal or emotional book. That is exactly what Forever Violet is, if you can get past the typos and simple writing. I know going into any Kindle Unlimited book I am likely to get something that has not been heavily edited, so I will forgive the typos.

Everything you want in a palette cleanser is here. A prince who dresses like a bad boy, but isn’t really one and has loved you all of your life; a hot, vampire bestie who will give up his life for yours; finding out that not only are you a shifter, but also a princess so obviously the humans hated you. If you accept the book for what it is, then you will love it.

I have a hard time accepting things.

Our heroine, Lake, is pretty dumb. Like, first person to die in a horror movie, dumb. Sorenson attempted to add some spice to her later on, but for the majority of the book I was just hoping that Aelin (TOG) would come in and slap her and explain what lost princesses are supposed to act like. I wanted to feel for the girl, but she just had every single trope heaped on her with no room to have a personality. Rape victim, emotionally unavailable, foster child, dead/missing parents, lost princess. Lake didn’t have an opportunity to have a personality because she was busy trying to live through the pile of crap that was her backstory. Don’t get me wrong, I like emotionally messed up characters because we relate to them and issues need to be discussed, but this was overkill. Pick one and really flesh it out.

Jules. Oh Jules, I wanted to fall in love with you so much, but I still have no idea who you are only the trauma that you went through. I got facts and no emotions. He had a couple of funny moments, but it broke my heart to not love a tatted up man! Dark hair, tattoos, emotionally screwed up. This guy was screaming my name, but I was so exhausted by his insta-love that I missed out on who he is. I know more about man-whore Shade and he is a secondary character.

I’m pretty sure I fell back into Sleeping Beauty for a minute because there is no way that the big bad in this story is using poisonous vines to take over the world. What? That happened? No, that is absurd. Most of my kindle commentary was “This is dumb” on repeat.

Let us know what you thought of Forever Violet in the comments! 

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