Written in Red (Adventure Buddies Forever) | Book Review


By: Anne Bishop

# 1 in the Others series | 433 pages | Pub. 2013

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Written in Red at a Glance

  • Overall Rating: 
  • Dude: We are on the fence…hoping he doesn’t eat us
  • Steaminess: Nor’easter status
  • Funny: Penis Jerky. No, really.
  • Brutal:  Screams go well with Sunday dinner

Pairs Well With

Wolf Bite

  • ¼ oz Absinthe
  • ½ oz Midori Melon Liqueur
  • 1 oz pineapple juice
  • Splash of lemon-lime soda and grenadine

     Beware. Spoilers are coming…

Teagan’s Reactions

I think I liked this book? But honestly I’m not sure. The book is well-written, the world building is intriguingly unique for paranormal-urban, and the characters draw you in…But, at the same time it was… weird. I think that’s the best way to describe it. There were so many parts that just grossed me out and I was like “is this too far? Maybe…” but I couldn’t stop because I was addicted to this strange, semi-gross world. I mean the Others sell “special meet” (aka human meat) and wolves eat dog treats that are really stag’s penises (we hope, could be human penises…), it’s strange but like a trainwreck I just kept on watching it all unfold.

I actually enjoyed this alternate universe setup in which humans are the “lesser” society and are at the mercy of the earth natives. It was a cool paradigm shift that I was 100% down for.

What I was not cool with was the “benevolent ownership” aka SLAVERY of Meg and her fellow blood prophets. Disgusting. This is a hard no for me. The men, of course it’s always the men that run and financially benefit from these operations (#SmashThePatriarchy), deserve to be sold as the latest special meet at the Courtyard’s butcher. I’m not about cannibalism but given the opportunity I would probably give my dogs “special” dog treats made from these asshats’s favorite appendages.

Sam, the most adorable wolf pup ever, melted my ice cold heart. I want to cuddle him and be his adventure buddy. I LOVED his and Meg’s friendship and how they both help each other feel safe. The other members of The Courtyard really grew on me as well. Tess doesn’t put up with crap and takes “if looks could kill” seriously. That’s one superpower I’d be chill with inheriting. Is it wrong I found myself relating to the crows and their obsession with shiny things? And I died as the Courtyard began to love “The Meg” and were willing to bring down an entire city to avenge her. #FriendshipGoals

I get annoyed when books are listed as romance but don’t have an overt romantic arc – but given this is a series that follows Simon and Meg I hope it’s a long game and we’ll get a good love story. Honestly, I didn’t like Simon at first… Like the rest of the book he’s strange and brutal but compelling and it takes a bit to get use to him. I wanted to punch him multiple times, but who don’t I want to punch at some point?  

I thoroughly despised Asia and wanted to jump into the book to slap her. I get wanting to be successful and a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do and all but don’t you don’t have to be an evil bitch. She’s willing to SELL Sam. Adorable little Sam. Just to get ahead in her career? B*tch got what she deserved.

Jess’s Reactions

Ok this was a hard one for me. Pretty close to the beginning you get people being eaten alive by the wolves. Not the bad wolves. Your main man is just ripping through a living person. So that sets the tone for the book…This is not going to be a fairytale.

I loved the world building, because in Thaisa you aren’t looking for a werewolf lover to protect you and live in a castle and have mermaid hair. Okay, i’m getting off track here. The Others are closer to animals than human. Not in the Edward Cullen, “I want to drink you but love you” way. Just the eating part; closer to finding a zombie lover in The Walking Dead.

The courtyard is scary AF so Meg is pretty brave or pretty stupid to find shelter there. We find out that she has essentially been kept in a mental institution because her skin gives prophecies when cut. She has only been given enough education to identify object and people, not how to live or interact. The fact that she made it out actually shows how intelligent she is so I am totally on team Meg. I think in time she will have serious character development.

Simon was pretty great to me. I enjoyed his “human” growth throughout the book, but honestly, I appreciated how brutal and intense he was. Wearing glasses makes him less threatening lol. Nope.

Someone needs to tell Asia that her version of spying is not going to get her a job as an actress. This girl is oblivious. I want to call her dumb, but she actually pulls off some things that a stupid person couldn’t, so I can’t. However, she was annoying and mean to no end so I’m glad that Tess stared her to death or whatever she did. I was really hoping Simon would just eat her.

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