Tainted Accords | Series Review


By: Kelly St. Clare

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Tainted Accords At a Glance

Overall Rating:  
Heroine:  Flighty AF
Dude: Sexiest bull in a china shop I have ever seen
Brutalality: Abuse, Racism, and War, oh my!
Emotional: I now have serious separation anxiety

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     Beware. Spoilers are coming…

Our Review

This series introduced us to Jovan, and while he’s no Rowan or Rhys, he’s definitely one of our top ten favorite male love interests. Overall, this series is pretty brutal but its a great read and you’ll love Olina and her gang!

 Things We Liked:

  1. Olina (Minus the Flightiness) – Yeah the girl is flakey… but she was locked in a tower pretty much her whole life, beaten and verbally abused… that’s bound to mess a girl up. She does become a badass fighter, defender of the less fortunate, and a loyal friend.
  2. Jovan – Yeah, Jovan is a little overbearing but we loved his character growth. He helps Olina recover and overcome her issues from years of abuse and loves Olina so much he was willing to give up his crown. Gotta love a guy that isn’t challenged by a lady’s success and power. #Respect.
  3. The way Jovan Opens Doors – Yes. This does need its own bullet point. The funniest part of the entire series is how subtly St. Clare weaves in the fact that Jovan is a giant bull in a china shop who gives zero fucks about it. He slams open every door he walks through like he is the hulk. “Only one person throws doors around like the doors purposely try to slow him down.”
  4. The Outer Rings Fighters – From Sin and his cocky, but hilarious insistence, Blizzard and his need to help the homeless, Ice’s desire to be the next 007, to Shard’s quiet strategy we are so torn. Okay, we aren’t torn, we love Sin. He is gorgeous and cocky and hysterical to watch get torn down. But these men were what we needed to keep us going when Jovan and Olina’s nonsense made us crazy. Some of them even earned their own novella’s.
  5. Ashawn Pranking Olandon – Ok so TBH we hated both characters, because Ashawn (aka the Little Shit) hired people to beat Olina within an inch of her life and Olandon is a racist. But, when we pretend that didn’t happen, Ashawn pranking Olandon through two of the novels was super hilarious. Just an added bonus to make the books complete and we are shipping Ashawn and Olandon so hard and hope that it’s Ashawn in Olandon’s novella.
  6. The Necessary Deaths – Okay, Kedrick killed us in the first book. That was a blow we were just not prepared for, nor did we realize how attached we were! But then Flurry and Malir beat down our souls. But, they were needed and realistic. War doesn’t end without losing someone you love so we had to lose them, but we understand it and are appreciative that St. Clare didn’t bitch out and miraculously save everyone.

Things We Disliked:

  1. Olina’s Mom- This b*tch is pure evil. What kind of person makes her daughter wear a mask her whole life because she had an affair, locks her up in a tower, beats her and makes her feel like she’s worthless? Monsters, that’s who. And she starves her people while hosting feasts for herself. She’s a racist rat and while, yeah, it’s great that she figured that out in the end and had a “come to jesus” moment. NO. You don’t get that! She should have died the way Cassius did.
  2. Jovan Being Cool with Domestic Abuse: Alright Jovan, we still love you, but we don’t think mommy and daddy would approve of this one. Yeah, Blaine was your daddy’s BFF, but that was back in the day when women didn’t have jobs and couldn’t fight…oh wait…. So it’s time to open up those baby blues and see that women are being BEATEN under your watch. Get your shit together. Okay thanks.
  3. Osolis’ Guards – WTF who just stands around or participates in the beating of a child for YEARS?!?!? Hard. Freaking. No. Bitches… You’re dead now!
  4. Segregated & Racist Societies – I wanted to sing “Why Can’t We Be Friends” this entire book. Racism and segregated societies have to go.
  5. Olina’s Flightiness – This whole series is pretty much Olina running away when life gets a little complicated…and while I love a good emotional break this girl needs to learn to cope and communicate without running away. Almost DNFd this series when she ran at the end of book two. Just saying the bitch cannot stand still.

Favorite Quotes

  1. “…because Jovan is not married yet, he must dance with the highest-ranking female, which is Arla the skank-monster,”

  2. “Where there is crashing, there is King Jovan.”

  3. “What are you doing?” he demands. “We’re talking.” I shrug without turning, continuing my tidying. “No, you’re talking. I don’t think I’ll waste my breath. It’s like talking to a wall.”

  4. “Shit balls. You look amazing!”

  5. “We are here to answer your questions, but don’t squawk like a bunch of fucking chickens.”

  6. “In short order, I want to become your Tatum-man.”

Let us know what you thought of the Tainted Accords series in the comments! 

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6 thoughts on “Tainted Accords | Series Review

  1. Love love love your review! I’ve just finished reading the entire series in one big gulp and I love how you’ve simplified your thoughts & agree wholeheartedly with all of them – such a flighty chick, so frustrating but her character development was amazing; her as Frost was spectacular. And Malirs’ death came out of nowhere & seriously hurt me, I may have cried a little. Super heart your entire blog ladies!

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