Throne of Glass (Slay girl, slay!) | Book Review


By: Sarah J. Maas

#1 in the Throne of Glass series | 404 pages | Pub. 2012

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Throne of Glass At a Glance

  • Overall Rating:  
  • Heroine: She’s So Vain – Carly Simon… but we LOVE her for it
  • Funny: I mean, I snorted once or twice
  • Ew Factor: Enough to have us puking constantly
  • Brutal: Here’s a hint: mauled by “animals”

Pairs Well With

The  Assassin

  • 1/3 oz whiskey
  • 1/3 oz tequila
  • 1/3 oz mint schnapps
  • 3 oz chilled cola

     Beware. Spoilers are coming…

Our Review

Reading a new book means discovering new worlds and falling in love with new characters. But, sometimes life is hard and you just need the familiarity and comfort of your favorite characters thus re-reading is the way to go. To us, Throne of Glass is one of the ultimate re-reads because Celaena is our queen and her gang never gets old (except Chaol, he still sucks).
For a series that is currently 6 books deep, it was awesome to reread from the beginning because we forgot where these characters who are such a part of our lives began. Dorian’s princely, smart a**  comments, Slayena’s detailing of 50 ways to kill Chaol, and Nehemia’s secret plotting really brought on the nostalgia. SJM came out of the gate strong with this one.

Things We Like

  1. Celaena “Slayena” Sardothien – Our queen is such a bad a**, but is still girly and loves her clothes. She is dark and twisty, but has compassion for those less fortunate. She reads, plays music, and knows her way around royalty, but doesn’t forget where she came from. She is vain, witty, and doesn’t let people boss her around. Here are some of the things that made us love her.
    • We loved Celaena from the moment we met her. She’s un-apologetically badass and is always plotting ways to escape or kill Chaol. Even after being starved and beaten for a year she is a feisty chick and I’m all about it.
    • We think Celaena is unique and amazing. She’s arrogant,, brutal, witty, honest, and a warrior. She’s un-apologetically herself despite the fact that people dislike her for her swagger, attitude and assassin ways. So many heroines are constantly sweet, bright and shiny, always have a smile on their faces characters which is so unrealistic. It’s so important for girls to realize they don’t have to be nice, bright and shiny all of the time. That’s exhausting and unrealistic. Also if you like clothes and looking pretty who cares?
  2. Dorian and Celaena’s Friendship – Dorian is adorable, playful, and funny. Together he and Celaena keep everyone on their toes with their witty banter and good natured jokes. And Dorian gives Celaena a puppy. Fleetfoot  [insert heart eyes here]. Dorian and Celaena love books (and libraries!) as much as we do. If they lived in the 21st century they’d totes have a book blog. “Libraries were full of ideas – perhaps the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons.”
  3. Everyone Makes Fun of Chaol – This book is hilarious mostly because of the good-natured bullying of Chaol. Celaena and Dorian team up against Chaol at every turn. While we don’t condone bullying…and we almost feel bad for Chaol…he’s the worst and deserves it.
  4. The Period Scene – The scene where Celaena finally gets her period again and Chaol doesn’t get it until BAM he does and becomes a blubbering idiot. Classic male. We are D E A D.
  5. Nehemia and Celaena’s Friendship – This friendship is basically a big F U to the King and it’s amazing. They put anti-feminist Kaltain in her place and are the definition of #HoesBeforeBros and #FuckTheKing. Especially when Nehemia gives Celaena her staff in the final battle. Girl power.

Things We Dislike

  1. So. Much. Vomiting – The first half of this book is pretty much Celaena vomiting the whole time. What is SJM’s obsession with making us experience vomit? (looking at you, Feyre). We get that Celaena is malnourished but enough with the puking!
  2. Kaltain – This girl is the enemy of feminism and pushes other girls down to try and get to the top. And somehow fails to notice she is being played by a man. Ugh, be better.
  3. The Hypocrisy of Chaol – We know everyone is all Team Chaol but honestly he’s kind of the worst. He is the judgiest character in this book and a hypocrite. He distrusts and hates on Celaena because she’s an assassin, all the while serving Adarlan’s king  (aka Erilea’s Hitler). The same king who has butchered thousands and runs multiple death camps. Yet, Celaena is the bad one? Yeah, okay.  Also, why is Chaol always late to everything? Isn’t he the captain of the guard?!
  4. Drugging Women –  Over course the only way Cain could win a fight against Celaena is to drug her. Only cowards like Cain and Perrington resort to drugs to win. And f*ck Kaltain for being involved in this. Drugging women is not cool asshats.

Favorite Quotes:

  1. “I can survive well enough on my own – if given proper reading material.” – Celaena
  2. “And what’s wrong with headstrong girls? She pressed. ‘Other than the fact that they’re not wooden-headed ninnies who can only open their mouths to give orders and gossip.” – Celaena
  3. “You and the crown prince share the same sense of humor, it seems.”- Chaol “Perhaps he and I will become dear friends, and you will be left to rot.” – Celaena
  4. “I don’t quite comprehend why you’d force someone to bow when the purpose of the gesture is to display allegiance and respect.” His words were coated with glorious boredom. – Dorian
  5. “Fetch my slippers.”

Let us know what you thought of Throne of Glass in the comments! 

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