Shadow Wings (Dragons, Polygamy & Cannibalism, oh my!) | Book Review

shadow wings

By: Raye Wagner & Kelly St. Clare

# 2 in the Darkest Drae series | 300 pages | Pub. 2018

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Shadow Wings At a Glance

  • Overall Rating:  
  • Dude: We’d totally brew him up some special nectar
  • Steaminess: SO hot they make their own special flames. *fans ourselves*
  • Ew Factor: “special” nectar and bodily fluids as fertilizer = NOPE
  • Brutal: All we’re saying is there’s cannibalism…

Pairs Well With

Flying Blue Dragon

  • Ice & Twist of orange
  • 1 oz blue Curaçao
  • 1 oz light rum
  • ¾ oz Velvet Falernum
  • ¾ oz lemon juice
  • 2 dashes orange bitters

     Beware. Spoilers are coming…

Teagan’s Reactions

This follow-up to Blood Oath from Wagner and St. Clare has me fanning myself and wishing I had a drae mate to cuddle up with. I mean who wouldn’t want to be bribed with shiny gold things and rubies?! Sign me up for whatever drae dating site exists. Yeah I know that Tyrrik dug himself a pretty deep, manipulative, lying hole last book but I’m 100% #TeamTyrrik now.

I was a little nervous going into this one after the brutality of Blood Oath but this one has way less torture scenes and less manipulative betrayals. Though, there is polygamous society living in the mountains that’s gone a little haywire and turned into cannibals and to a girl who lives in Utah this hits a *little* too close to home. Also, there is some major ick factor that I cannot get over. Ryn literally fertilizes crops with her bodily fluids. I love strawberries and potatoes as much as the next girl but I do not love that they are contaminated with your used bathwater. NOPE.

My favorite part of the entire book is how hilarious Ryn is in pursuit of treasure. She literally steals a butter knife in order to pry jewels from a king’s wall and hides them in her corset. And the entire book she is basically Gollum in his “my precious” phase (sorry, Jess!). When Tyrrik bribes her into learning her drae ways with shiny rubies, I was impressed. He’s got lady draes figured out.

My new hero is Kamini. Kamini is basically Lyanna Mormont’s equally badass twin and together these two would slayyy and take down the patriarchy. Kamini is 8 years old and has started a revolution. She is no nonsense and I’m here for it.

Let’s talk about Kamoi. This asshat is basically everything I hate about men. He just assumes that Ryn a) likes him and b) wants to marry him. And he tells everyone they are getting married?!?! Absolutely not. They haven’t even had a private conversation! How about I punch you in the face, Kamoi. Oh? You mean you didn’t want punched in the face? I just assumed you’d be okay with it. Sorry not sorry.

Raye Wagner and Kelly St. Clare, don’t think I’ve forgotten that y’all promised me a duology and now suddenly it’s a trilogy. I see you betches and know what you did. I’m only okay with it because of the steamy ending with Ryn and Tyrikk. Y’all better not hurt me in book 3. Also why the heck does every name in this book sound that exact same? I don’t even know who is who.

Jess’s Reactions

I said this after Blood Oath, but I will reiterate for you. I LOVE TYRRIK. Like, I want his drae babies, but I don’t have silver hair so obvs that’s not going to work out for me.

I get Ryn’s reasons for being mad at him, I do, but girl needs to get over it. She lost everyone she loves except Dyter, but she continues to push him away and that I do not understand. I thought after everything that happened, she would become slightly more aware of her surroundings, but no. I’m convinced that she is narcoleptic, but sleepwalks and only wakes up to say “Holy pancakes!” Which, I did find myself saying the other day and shortly gave myself a serious talking to.

I’m not a fan of Tyrrick not telling Ryn that they are mates, but again, how did she not realize this? I appreciate her not quickly giving into the whole “We are fated so that’s the end and you have no choice in it” idea. But that is just because I just don’t like the fated thing.

I will say that she was hilarious when she was obsessed with/stealing treasure. Prying things out of the wall had me cry-laughing. And then Tyrrick just looks at her with approval and adoration. Honestly, this was the best part of her personality until the overly emotional ending to the book.

I need a moment to address this awkward nectar thing. Really? Honestly? A nectar that someone can only make for you because they are worried/care about you? Puuleeasse. I like the concept, but there is no sacrifice in doing this. You just wish it and pass the water down. Dear lord this nectar thing killed me inside. Don’t worry, I’m Lord Tyrrik and I can fix you up real nice with my special nectar. Gag. This whole thing creeps me out.

Sooo… cannibalism? I will say that these two authors go hard on the brutal scale. Just when we thought that the torture and blood was over, we were given a real treat. Not just cannibalism, but ELDERLY cannibalism. I think I have covered this issue.

I actually really loved this book, but mostly because I adore Tyrrik. Kamoi can just go sit in the corner with his hands tied until he learns how to treat women. His baby sister can run things in the meantime. I think Ryn was starting to wake up, so I’m hoping she is a little more self-aware in book three.

Let us know what you thought of Shadow Wings in the comments! 

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