His End Game (Girl Meets Boy, Boy Runs Away, Boy Has Valid Excuse) | Book Review


By: R.B. Hilliard

# 1 in the MMG series | 370 pages | Pub. 2014

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His End Game At a Glance

  • Overall Rating: 
  • Dude Ranking: A little bit of Noah in the Notebook vibes
  • Steaminess: Hot tub sex: uncomfortable, but satisfying.
  • Emotional: Bella after Edward leaves her in New Moon
  • Read When… You need to torture yourself about your highschool boyfriend

The Golden Cadillac

  • 2.5 oz Galliano
  • 2 oz. heavy cream
  • 1.5 oz creme de cacao

     Beware. Spoilers are coming… 

Teagan’s Reactions

Phew, this book was a ride. Raise your hand if you crushed on an older sexy, unattainable guy in high school…who turned out to be a little bit of a manwhore. Yeah, me too. And for that reason it was hard for me to like Max at first. But he gets better and I found myself falling for him like a 17 year old… Until he pulls an Edward and just disappears for “Ellie’s own good” to go into witness protection. Of course Ellie doesn’t know this and falls apart and lives her life pretty much as a ghost for the next five years. Sigh. I get falling apart but even Bella (yeah yeah I know y’all hate her, leave me alone) started to pull her life together after 6 months….

But honestly, how often do people go into witness protection? I feel like TV and books are really giving me an unrealistic impression into this institution. I want some stats on how big the WITSEC program is so I can confront authors and ask them to stop doing this to me.

And once Max magically comes back into her life we find out he’s been having her spied on for the last five years?!! Ladies, am I the only one that thinks privacy is sexy??! I’m so over these stalker-like tendencies. And also he just expects her to pick up where they left off and love him again? Nope. And double ugh at the love triangle with weirdo Dillon. No.

I also want to sign up all romance novel characters for therapy with whoever Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard see because those two have solid communication in their relationship. Max and Ellie, not so much. Max has some anger issues and Ellie has abandonment issues and they need to work them out pronto. It was annoying watching their relationship flounder because they just couldn’t communicate.

I also get really angry when authors don’t fact check their own books and create a bunch of inconsistencies. For example, Ellie says she and Piper have been best friends since Piper moved to Charlotte in 5th grade but then a couple chapters later says they’ve been friends since 1st grade. And when did Max’s mom actually die? It’s distracting.

Finally, ugh with the tackiness of proposing at someone else’s wedding!!!!! No. Not acceptable. Your marriage should be doomed to fail if you do this.

Jess’s Reactions

I hate Twilight and reject Teagan’s comparisons to this book. I actually liked this book despite the massive communication issues between Max and Ellie.The characters seem like real people in small town America and I connected with their quirks and issues. Sure, the book has consistency problems, but I almost expect that when reading a Kindle Unlimited book because they are primarily newer authors.

I love flawed characters and these two are the crown jewels. Ellie was an idiot to date Max in the first place. She stared at him for 3 years, watching him shred through women and the second he crooks his finger and says “You’re different” she just sleeps with him. Kids these days. This girl needs to get some self respect. I will say that Ellie has her therapy on point. Two bottles of wine and a hot tub is basically the same as a psychologist.

Max needs to get a handle on these anger issues. He is in a bad mood through 90% of the book. Tall, dark and handsome only goes so far when you are a total dick to everyone around you. It made me feel like Ellie was listening to Alec Baldwin’s voicemails. Eek.

I do forgive his stalking tendencies because it’s not like he had video cameras up (questions, please see The Cabin). All he did was make sure she was out of the way of the people trying to kill him. Here is my real problem with Max. He loved her so much that when he came back he went to Kurt, not Ellie. She wasn’t even the first person he wanted to see. Instead, he brought their friends into the mix and shoved their personal crap out in public while she was drunk! In what world do you wait and watch her take shots before going after her? Nope, not happening. He needs a serious bitch slapping.

This book probably hit home a little too hard and gave me too many feelings, but I couldn’t put it down. Broken, twisty people just call to me. Now I need a couple of bottles of wine and a hot tub.

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