City of Fae (AKA the one with Aragog’s evil twin) | Book Review


By: Pippa DaCosta

#1 in London Fae series | 336 pages | pub. 2017

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City of Fae At a Glance

  • Overall Rating: 
  • Dude Ranking:  I want to spend my last day eating cake with Reign
  • Emotional Scale: Kinda like riding the teacups at Disneyland
  • Steaminess: Like curling up by a space heater, you never get completely warm
  • Brutality: Visions of Lara Croft

Pairs Well With

London Fog

  • 1.75 oz gin
  • .5 oz pernod
  • Crushed ice

     Beware. Spoilers are coming… 

Jess’ Reactions

I was excited to read a DaCosta book because they always get such wonderful reviews from others like me who enjoy tragedy. I mean if no characters die do you even feel anything? Spiders don’t bother me so I’m going to leave them to Teagan who I’m sure has some choice words.

Our main character Alina is an American in London just living the life with fae walking around looking like supermodels. You can’t touch the pretty people though because they will bespell you with their touch and you will have to go to rehab. She runs into a rockstar fae. No this was not a joke but it seemed like one at first. I struggled with the concept that our main man was a rockstar and a fae. Special peanuts drive me nuts. (See what I did there). So we find out more about this mysterious and insanely sexy man named Reign and I got a little fangirl, but Alina couldn’t figure out if she was fangirl or bespelled.

The love/hate relationship between Reign and Alina drove me crazy, but in a good way. I couldn’t figure out if she was bespelled or if he even liked her. For half of the book I was rooting for detective Andrews to be honest. Especially when he gave her the brochure on not touching fae. I was almost crying I was laughing so hard. Shay seemed like she may end up on an episode of snapped if Reign found another woman so if I were Alina I would not tangle with that crazy bitch. The idea of soulmates seems to invade so many books nowadays, I was happy that it was eliminated from the Reign/Alina situation. I like people together because they want to be, not because of fate.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when characters aren’t described physically. You don’t need to tell me if they have dirty fingernails or wear contacts, but I need to know hair color. I knew what everyone looked like except Alina for the entire first half! But touché to DaCosta on the twist. When I realized that she wasn’t describing herself because she was created the day before and had never even looked at herself, I was applauding. She took my biggest pet peeve in books and USED IT AGAINST ME! I will now bow down.

This little revelation about her creation tied up threads I didn’t even know existed; the way her keycard didn’t work at her office, the absence of personal items at her house. There was mystery in everything and everyone. Throughout I didn’t know who I could trust. Each character had three different faces and their motives were buried so deep. Every time I thought I had predicted something it turned out that I was wrong. I feel like I was witnessing a higher quality of writing from this book and I loved it.

This changed my girl Alina into a beast! She wears these ridiculous pink leggings for half of the book and every time she brought it up I died. Pink leggings are ridiculous. Then my girl goes and wipes her bloody sword on them! SAVAGE.

All in all I guess I lean towards team Reign because he did feed her chocolate. At the end when she didn’t want to be alone and he said they could be alone together, that was a Jerry Maguire moment I wasn’t expecting. It actually gave me more feelings than I felt comfortable with so I’m not sure I can read the next book anytime soon.

Teagan’s Reactions

This book had me feeling like Ron Weasley in The Chamber of Secrets, “why spiders? Why couldn’t it be follow the butterflies?” At one point thousands of spiders have invaded her room. Nope. Too far. But no, it wasn’t enough for DaCosta to have thousands of normal little spiders, she also forces me to experience a GIANT spider who weaves a web large enough to cover London’s O2 arena and kill hundreds of humans. How am  supposed to sleep at night? How am I supposed to enjoy Adele at the O2 Youtube videos again?

I agree with Jess, that I was glad that this wasn’t another destined soulmates book, but I was annoyed that they have the whole star-crossed lovers thing going on. Star-crossed lovers worked for Shakespeare because he wasn’t afraid to kill off the characters and give us a true tragedy. But so many books today give us the star-crossed lover troupe but then bitch out and somehow it magically always works out in the end and we get the happily ever after. I will be really annoyed with this series if Alina magically overcomes her non-human but not quite fae status and gets her HEA with Reign. Give me something unique for once, please. But I swear to god if DaCosta makes a love triangle between Alina, Reign and Andrews in book 2 I will revolt. #DownWithTheLoveTriangles

I got serious Lara Croft vibes from Alina as she went through the tunnels kicking fae butt and I was soooooo there for it. You get ‘em girl. Earlier in the book everyone is using her like a rag doll but she overcomes it and does her own badass asskicking. Slay, Alina, slay. While Reign is worried about his hair and his rockstar career she is actually kicking butt and saving the day.

Overall, I am impressed with DaCosta’s ability to a) get me interested in book that contains way too many arachnoids and b) wring emotion out of me while slyly keep me reading instead of running for the hills to avoid the sad things. I’m okay with being hoodwinked on this one.

Let us know what you thought of City of Fae in the comments! 

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    1. Hi Kate!! Thank you so much! We can’t wait to read your reviews. Glad to see another fellow cat lover (your cat is adorable btw). Let us know how you like City of Fae! Good luck with the spiders…


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